Growth Programme

Today’s  market has changed from even ten years ago, enquiries don’t just land on your desk anymore, your competitors are becoming more professional and understand the power of aggressive marketing to fill their order book and you may be missing out.

The solution can be simple and inexpensive – consider how to position and market  your business so you stand out from the crowd, not in it.

You can use the resources here to develop the knowledge and skills  to get ahead of your competitors and generate all the leads you need to achieve your business objectives.

Who is it for?

The program is for anyone who is interested in improving and growing their business from start-ups to already successful businesses. The lessons give the concepts of business and marketing strategy and tactics. Its your job to implement them into your business. If you require support to do this just complete the forms at the end of each lesson and we will support you.

How does it work?

You simply read through the lessons.  The lessons are very conceptual, the art is working out how to implement and execute what you learn within your business.

Our guarantee

We do not guarantee success, this is down to you. We do however guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not happy with the program after you have completed any lesson please give us your feedback.

Your investment

To complete this business and marketing program your BIGGEST investment is TIME you will need to set aside 20 minutes to read the lesson and a few hours to work out how you are going to implement what you have learnt.

If you feel you would like some support or you would like us to just do it for you, we offer a range of services. You can find these in the services section on the site.

Complete the form below to ask any questions or request a call back.


Module 1 – Understand what you want

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Leadership

Lesson 2 – Business Purpose

Lesson 3 – The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Module 2 – Understand your position

Lesson 4 – The Vision Statement

Lesson 5 – Strategic Business Plan

Lesson 6 – SWOT Analysis

Module 3 – Understand your market

Lesson 7 – Introduction into Strategic Marketing

Lesson 8 – Marketing Strategy

Lesson 9 – Persona Mapping

Lesson 10 – Persona Profiling

Lesson 11 – Demographics

Lesson 12 – Psychographics

Lesson 13 – Brand Positioning

Lesson 14 – Identity and Branding

Module 4 – Create your communication strategy

Lesson 15 – Competitive Advantage

Lesson 16 – Writing Benefits

Lesson 17 – Writing Effective Copy

Lesson 18 – Marketing Communications

Module 5 – Work out your sales process

Lesson 19 – Construction Sales – Introduction

Lesson 20 – Customer Mindset

Lesson 21 – Prospecting

Lesson 22 – Presenting

Lesson 24 – Closing

Lesson 24 – Sales effectiveness

Hire Us

If you like what you see and feel ready for one to one support to fast track your business growth, then please get in touch. We offer a large range of services from strategy days to consultancy to executive coaching. Just complete the form on the contact us page.

What others say…

“I wanted to grow my business, and had tried to do it but struggled. I then went on the business lessons program and soon had clarity and began to send out marketing campaigns to a profitable target prospect list, just as suggested. We then went on and sorted out our online marketing, we spend £1000 per month on Google ads and bring in £15,000 of sales each month and at the same time collect permission based data.

We have now amassed over 9,000 emails and sent out email campaigns each week to 2,000 addresses from the 9,000. Each time we send out an email campaign we sell our online products.” Colin Caruthers – Seguro Safety


“YIBP doesn’t just give you the strategies to grow and improve your business, he gives you the self belief and confidence to implement them successfully. Bob is helping me take my business sales from £200k to £3m with £1m net profits. My business plan is to sell the business in three years time. I have been working with Bob now for about three years, once the business plan and the initial marketing plan was set up, I implemented it in-house. I meet up with Bob every few months to ensure the plan keeps on track and Bob tweaks things sometimes” Allison Wafer – Recollections


“This has inspired me and has given me a new energy to drive our business forward. It has shown me and my colleagues how to go about developing business objectives and creating marketing communications and campaigns to deliver them.” Marc Roberts – Lovelock Mitchell Architects


“My business was stuck and I didn’t know how to kick start it. YIBP quickly gave me direction and clarity by helping me set some marketing and sales objectives on the marketing mix program.  We then went on to develop and implement my marketing plan. My turnover doubled within three months. I speak to Bob regularly and use him as my sounding board ” Paul Garret – Urban Space Products