The Elevator Pitch

Being able to communicate what you do succinctly and effectively so that people can quickly understand it, especially in networking situations, will create interest in your business. With a good elevator pitch you will find people want to know more about what you do and how you do it. They will also be able to speak to others about you and your offering, generating interest and referrals to you.

Elevator pitchIf people don’t understand what you do, how can they communicate it positively to others? Many of the people they speak to could be your target customers. Your elevator pitch is about making your marketing message simple and to the point.

Here is a simple 5-step method to build your elevator pitch.

It is important to think in conversational language – after all, that is how you will be using it. Use the prompts below to build up a short outline of what you do, which will focus around ‘what’s in it for me”.


Think carefully about your proposition, what exactly is it that you do and whom does it help? Avoid complex language and jargon – a ten year old should be able to grasp what it is you do and for whom it is relevant.


1. Well, you know how…..…(STATE THE PROBLEM YOU ADDRESS)


2. Which means that you….….(CONSEQUENCE)


3. Well, I help………..(WHO)




5. And I do that by………(WHAT YOU DO)


Expect this to take several drafts; when you think you have the essence of your offering and can deliver it fluently test it out on friends and family – ask them to be constructively critical, (praise is unlikely to help us to improve). Make the necessary amendments, practice and deliver it to a new set of people. Once you have mastered it, you will be ready to interact with others with renewed confidence.



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